Sunday, February 24, 2008


My love affair with knitting socks continues. These are the latest - both made with Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The first is a pattern called 9-5 in the Tanzanite colorway. The second is Lenore in the Lenore colorway from the sock club last year. This sock yarn is heavier than some - even the lightweight - and cushy. I never thought hand-knit socks would feel so great or that I would love them so much. I've learned so many skills by knitting socks and gained a lot of confidence in my knitting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home again

I'm baaaaaack! And so is my computer. I really didn't think I'd miss the computer so much. It's become a resource for me that is hard to live without. Not just e-mail and web sites but looking for information, answering questions, finding recipes, finding knitting patterns and yarn, all kinds of stuff. It truly has changed the way I look at and find the world.

Puerto Rico was wonderful - except for the mosquitos of course. W and I went to CopaMarina in Guanica for one night. Oh, so lovely to lay around with this as the view. Warm Caribbean water, quiet beach and poolside, delicious food, warm & sunny weather... simply a lovely 24 hour escape.

On our way back to C's house we picked up the Princess from preschool. She was as excited to see us as we were to see her. Fun days together. There is a park next to her house. She thinks it is her own personal back yard. She had Grandpa had lots of good times there.

The Princess loves dress up and pretending. She comes up with some pretty crazy outfits! Fancy glasses, butterfly wings, ballerina skirt, Dorothy's (Wizard of Oz) red high heels, and of course jewelry and a wand. We really enjoy spending time with C & the Princess and wish we could see them more. C is an awesome dad... I'm so proud of him!