Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moving Day

What a perspective...

I am so little and my truck is so big.

The truck was quickly unloaded and many of the boxes were stacked in the back yard.

W packed them into S's very generous storage areas. It was amazing to see how everything fit so well. I didn't get to my camera soon enough to show how many there were as this is just part of the boxes for storage. And what a pleasure to be working outside in November with the temperature hovering around 80 degrees. I loved it!

After a hard day of moving in, it's always good to chill out with a triple popscicle and a bath in the new bathtub.

Moving On

My how the time has flown. Since the last post I've been back to Texas. W and I drove S's SUV to Texas for them. Their dog was our traveling companion. About 1800 gorgeous miles of the USA. The fall leaves were at their peak in Tennessee. Since we "gained" two hours in one day (change to Standard Time and then change in time zones) we had enough time for a side trip. Can you guess where???

through the French Quarter in New Orleans. Neither of us had been there previously.

We were the first car stopped at an intersection and before us passed a wedding procession.

Complete with a Dixieland band and all the guests waving white hankies. A fun, quick look at New Orleans.

Then on to Texas.