Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to Play

CATCH UP! What a busy month it has been since before going to St. Louis. So....

Spring Fling at The Loopy Ewe... way cool.... thanks to Jess for enabling, er... offering me this opportunity. I hadn't seen Jess in a year and a half so lots of catching up to do, knitting, laughing... just having a good time. Meeting new people, learning new skills, yarn shopping at Loopy Central, wonderful sock knitting classes, it's all good! For a better report, look here. You can click on the photo for a larger photo and see me in the middle of the back row, right next to the Loopy genius herself! One of the rare times I managed to get myself in the back row of a group photo.

Maryland Sheep and Wool followed quickly on the heels of TSF. I managed to squeeze in a few hours browsing there with friends. This is the yarn from both the Fling and S&W.

Maryland Sheep and Wool... From the top: three skeins from Ellen's Half Pint, two of which are merino/tencel. The blue is silk from Spirit Trail (love, love, love their yarn) and the other pink is unidentified wool. I wish I'd written down what it was and where I got it. All I know is the yardage and that it is wool.

The Spring Fling... From the bottom: aqua Woolmeise was in the goody bag, then Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, blue is Chameleon Colorworks, the Handmaiden is luscious, there's also some from Handmaiden in the Mahogany colorway (its' hard to see), and the eggplant is Alpaca with a Twist.

Being a bag lady, I also bought a bag but did not photo it. You can see it above my head in this picture, except mine is hot pink, not hot lime.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I tried to update this a few days ago and just didn't get it down. Now W and I leave tomorrow on a trip so don't expect an update here for at least two weeks. You can always check in on McKenzie's blog and see what's happening there, though. Bon Voyage!