Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moving Day

What a perspective...

I am so little and my truck is so big.

The truck was quickly unloaded and many of the boxes were stacked in the back yard.

W packed them into S's very generous storage areas. It was amazing to see how everything fit so well. I didn't get to my camera soon enough to show how many there were as this is just part of the boxes for storage. And what a pleasure to be working outside in November with the temperature hovering around 80 degrees. I loved it!

After a hard day of moving in, it's always good to chill out with a triple popscicle and a bath in the new bathtub.

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susanh929 said...

Glad you finally updated! Can you send me all the moving day pics - from VA and TX - I don't have any. Thanks. Love, susan