Friday, April 18, 2008

More Socks

Sock Madness Round 3 is over. The first twelve finishers in each division advance to round four. I was finisher number 13 in my division. I'm no longer in the competition but I will continue to get the patterns and I hope to make them all! These are the socks for round 3...

Lace weight yarn doubled - I used Tess' Superwash Laceweight in a fushia and dark chocolate (I don't know what she really calls the colors) Interesting pattern of slipped stitches that you can't see very well in this photo. Although I could get them on, they are really too small for me so I need to find someone who would like them.

In preparation for the felted slipper contest on the cruise, I made these...

They are sort of like big felted socks. I had a love/hate affair with the yarn - Taos from Crystal Palace. There's two different colorways here and they are knit using the Scandinavian twining method. The yarn was too fuzzy for this to work well even though I used the yarn called for in the pattern. I had constant twisting and much of the time the spun yarn reverted to a roving state. Ugg... And then I ran out of yarn so I finished the toes with some Patons wool. I think I will like wearing them around the house though.

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