Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Time in Uvalde

W & I have returned from visiting S and family. The biggest surprise was how much the Peanut is talking now. Four and five word sentences are not uncommon - when we last saw her three months ago she only said a few words and most were hard for us to understand. Now we can have conversations with her and we loved it. It is fascinating to watch her mind work and hear the words come out.

She was intrigued with Grandpa's beard... (she called him Granpapa a lot)

She helped Uncle C build with Legos (C's favorite toy!)

When she saw me rolling out the noodle dough, she rushed to find her rolling pin in her toy kitchen so she could help...

She thinks she's ready to go to the rodeo after UC found her boots and hat in the closet.

Well, maybe not quite ready. She got in some "rodeo practice" before we left for San Antonio.

She wasn't ready to ride the pony at first, but it didn't take her long to enjoy it once the pony started moving.

We finished up the rodeo day with the best treat ever!

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