Monday, March 2, 2009

The View

from my windows this morning...

The biggest snowfall this winter! It's not really that much snow - maybe three or four inches and the roads are much more treacherous than I would have thought with that amount. Schools are canceled. Seems like wet, heavy snow. The wind is supposed to pick up when it quits snowing (it's just about done now) and some blowing and drifting is predicted. We canceled office hours for this morning; don't know about this afternoon yet.

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MorMor said...

Dear Jane
This photo reminds me of the day Rob was born. March 8, 1980 when niether the md or mid-wife could make it to the delivery. the mid-wife got two cars stuck in snow banks in her attempts to get to our house. I hope we are down with that white stuff for this year. I am enjoying cruising around your blog.