Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

The blizzard of 2010 has come and gone. It left a lot behind for us to remember it by though.

Winter Wonderland...

Lots of work...

The dark strip in front of the house is Chris' car.

We are shoveled out in front of our house. Major roads have at least one lane open. Secondary roads still need to be plowed. The Federal Government, schools, and many places of business are closed. We have ice dams and water dripping into the house.

Judging from the old pictures I have, I may have been in a snowstorm of this magnitude as a child. In those days, we definitely had accumulations of this much (25-30 inches) or greater before melting. The biggest snowstorm I remember is when we lived in Chicago in January 1979. That was less than 20 inches of snow. Wayne was in Texas for work and I was home with a three-month-old and and seven-year-old. That's the winter Chris learned to shovel snow!

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Colleen said...

I can't even imagine dealing with that much snow, I'm such a weather sissy.