Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Some of) The Cactus of Arizona

On our recent travels in Arizona, I was surprised at the many different kinds of cactus that grow there. I tried to photograph as many varieties as I could. I won't even pretend to know their names. I wished I had been there when they were blooming. If you want to see me up close and personal with a cactus, scroll through to the end of the post. (As always, click on a picture for a clearer view.)

I was attacked by this cactus. I didn't even touch it. I guess I brushed by just close enough that it "jumped" out to attack me.

Those little quills are sharp, sharp, sharp and are not at all easy to get out. Even through my pant leg they were stuck into my skin. And of course when I grabbed one with my hand, then it was stuck in my hand.

Incredible saguaro cacti.

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