Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010

Ah, the end of another year. Usually it's just another day to me. But today, I've been thinking about all the ways that I'm closing out 2010.

1. The kitchen floor and my bedroom floor are clean. The rest of the house, meh, not so much.
2. Clean sheets on the bed for our first sleep of 2011. It will be 2011 before we go to bed.
3. Wonderful dinner and conversation with friends.
4. Dirty clothes are almost all washed - they should be all done before we leave tonight.
5. All my hand-knit socks are washed and ready for 2011. There are a few I am going to try to repair because I cannot yet bring myself to part with them. After all that work, shouldn't they last forever?
6. Yarn has arrived for a special project for my MIL and another for my son.
7. Santa's workshop is closed for now.
a. There was knitting - sweater for Bubba for which I don't have a picture; socks for Wayne which aren't quite done yet, and, for the Ladybug...

b. there was sewing - and knitting for the Princess and the Peanut...

And thus ends 2010....

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susanh929 said...

I'll send pictures of Michael in his vest...I expect to see them on the blog :)Happy New Year!