Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Did you notice there is no mention on my blog of resolutions, New Year's or otherwise? I've never been much for resolutions. As a child they didn't make much sense to me. This year I've been thinking a lot about what I intend to do. Semantics, maybe, but it works better for me. So, here's a few...

I intend to...
* post here at least monthly or at least 12 times in 2011.
* use my right brain more and get some of the scrapbook layouts and ideas that in my brain onto paper.
* work at organizing my digital photos and other digital files. If I can get to it, scan some of my older photos.
* manage my food consumption for better control of weight and diabetes.
* continue to build my personal cookbook.
* spend more time with the people I love, savoring all of the small, special moments in life.
* enjoy regular knitting and crafting dates with my friends.
* knit, knit, knit

We'll see how it goes...

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