Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is This January?

Once again the mid-Atlantic has enjoyed several days of spring... um summer... weather in January. We're just coming off 60 and 70 degree days and yesterday morning when I walked at 8 AM it was already in the 60s. Of course, it fell after that and today's high will probably be around 50. I'm no weatherman, er weatherperson, so who knows. At least we don't have snow and ice. I'm happy with that...

The UHU people were so kind as to send me product to test/review. My apologies for the delay in reporting my results. I received a big, fat UHU glue stick. One of those that goes on purple and dries clear. Love that! I can tell where the glue is and then all the evidence is gone. I used it primarily for cards. It glides on easily and with a little pressure, sticks well. Here's the card I made for Wayne's birthday... well, dang... I can't get it in here...
GOT IT NOW! Lots of pieces glued and they stick. What more can you ask from a glue stick! Thanks, UHU.

Please take a look at the UHU blog... I see they have some new (new to me at least) products, a couple of which I'd like to try. Envelope sealer glue... I could have used that with all the cards last month. And twist and glue deserves a try too I think.

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