Friday, January 11, 2008

We're In!

My friend Jess ( and I decided last month that we wanted to go to the spring knitting retreat at Since we live half a country apart from each other and since we've been to several scrapbook retreats together and since we are both avid knitters, we thought this retreat was made for us. We hurried to register - and it turned out we were registering for the opportunity to be in the lottery of those who wanted to go to the retreat. Bummer - we didn't get selected. We whined, we complained, and we said maybe next time. And then yesterday Jess got the call - well, the e-mail. There was a cancellation. She was next on the list and there would be room for her roommate too - ME! Whoo hoo! Jess and I are going! The retreat people think I'm her Mom but that's OK. It'll still be fun!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hey "Mama"--we're going to have a great time! Too bad we didn't get in the Loopy Ewe sock club, though.