Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meeting the Challenge

M just returned from a few days in San Juan with C & the Princess. When I'm there the Princess wants to slide down the slide but is not able to make it to the top by herself. Look what a big girl she is now! I love the "lighting" on this picture. Somehow the clouds and the color of the sky just seem to fit the challenge and determination of climbing to the top of the big slide. I think the stuffed moose was just the help she needed. A stuffed moose for someone living in the tropics - what's up with that!

My motherboard has had enough... so before it completely dies it's going to the shop and I'm getting a new "mother". Or whatever... I'm getting everything I need to keep this computer going and tons of additional memory too. I'll post here again when it's all back safe and sound with me.

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